Convert Online audio and video from your favorite website

This web application converts almost any streaming video url into mp3, mp4 and webm file for offline listening.

As easy as 1...2...3...

1) Search by URL

Enter the URL containing the video. This is the link where you can see the video

2) Choose a format

If the link is valid, a card containing the video information will appear. Choose between preparing an audio or a video file.

3) Download and Enjoy!

While our system prepares your file, verify that you are a human and then download it! is a free platform to download online audio and video

Downloading audio and video files from any URL containing a video has never been that easy! Using our platform, you can easily convert and download a video in audio and video format mp3 and WebM or mp4 depending on the quality available from almost any streaming platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion,, and etc. into and audio and video file to download on your device. As long as the video is public and you don't need access to view the video, you should be good to go!

Media Downloader works from any platforms such as a Windows and Mac computers, Apple iOS and Android mobile phone and tablet.

Our service is FREE, Easy to use, Secure and has no viruses or malware! You use the service for any video or song you want.
You do not have to create an account and remember another password. is the platform you have needed for a long time!

Media-Downloader is compatible with more than 500 Websites!

Here's a partial list of all platforms and networks where you can download from. Basically, it works everywhere! Just enter a url and try if we can get something for you!